A New Heart Treatment for People with Heart Failure June 17, 2014

The Facts of Heart Failure

Few people are aware of the details behind congestive heart failure and what separates it from other forms of heart related failure. To start, coronary artery disease occurs when there is a blockage within the arteries that supply life-sustaining blood to the heart. This blockage can occur for several reasons, such as a narrowing of the arteries from calcium and cholesterol build up, artery inflammation, and blood clots. This can result in a “myocardial infarction”, which is more commonly referred to as a “heart attack”.

Comparatively, congestive heart failure is a type of cardiovascular disease that causes the diminished ability of the heart to pump blood properly or regularly fill the heart with blood. Congestive heart failure can result from a heart attack, but also from a history of high blood pressure or other related cardiovascular troubles. Additionally, fluid will begin to collect within the lungs, which can cause severe breathing issues.

The Parachute Heart Treatment Solution

The Parachute can partition the damaged muscle, separating the segment of muscle that no longer works from that which does. The Parachute implant is what is known as a form of percutaneous ventricular restoration, or PVR, therapy. After suffering from a heart attack, many patients will experience their left ventricle becoming enlarged. This causes a decrease in cardiac output, and can lead to further complications. For more information, click here.