Parachute Heart Failure Treatment

Treating Heart Failure with a Parachute Device

The Parachute® Device


The Parachute® is designed to be a treatment for heart disease. The catheter based partitioning device is deployed within the left ventricle for patients who have developed ischemic heart failure following a heart attack. The Parachute® implant partitions the damaged muscle, isolating the non-functional muscle segment from the functional segment, which decreases the overall volume and restores a more normal geometry and function in the left ventricle.


The Parachute® implant is comprised of a fluoropolymer (ePTFE) membrane stretched over a nitinol frame. The device is deployed into the apex of the left ventricle and partitions off the portion of the ventricle affected by the damaged myocardium in order to treat patients with ischemic heart failure.