Parachute Heart Failure Treatment

Catheter & Delivery System Guide

The PARACHUTE Delivery System

  • Guide Catheter

    The guide catheter and dilator are used in combination to give the physician proper control in order to navigate to the apex of the left ventricle. A broad range of catheter shapes are available so that an array of remodeled ventricle shapes can be treated. The guide catheter and dilator are engineered to respond to torque and push forces by the physician for optimal placement of the implant.

    The guide catheter is available in 14Fr and 16Fr.

  • Delivery System

    The delivery system comes with two accessories: a loading funnel and a tear-away introducer. The delivery system has a threaded tip where the Parachute implant is attached. The implant is collapsed and pulled into the loading funnel. Once in position, the loading funnel is connected to the tear-away introducer, which is used to transfer the device into the guide catheter (refer to the procedure video for further details). After the implant reaches the apex and the guide catheter is pulled back for deployment, a 20cc balloon is inflated. After the Parachute is securely attached to the ventricle, the balloon is deflated, and the delivery system handle is unlocked by pulling out the blue knob and then rotated counter clockwise 5 rotations to disconnect from the implant.